Afloat in South Asia

Afloat in South Asia
Reclining Buddha; Rangoon

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time for The Traveler to Start a Blog

Views from a New Park

Something wonderful is happening along the waterfront beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Long a dream, Brooklyn Bridge Park is appearing before us. After years of fund-raising, planning and political wrangling, there came a moment just after 9/11 when the powers on both sides of the East River agreed that supporting a park along Brooklyn's waterfront would be a huge gift to a population weighed down by a deep sadness.
Each June since then there has been a sunset-themed party to spread the word and to build consensus for our park.

People have come from all over to join the festivities.

The fireboats always cap the evening.

Gradually the old piers have been cleared; buildings have been demolished and fresh earth brought in to nurture the trees and the new young plants.

Two years ago, we had a summer-long visit from the Floating Pool "Lady". All kinds of people joined in for a happy swim above the river.

On June 3, 2010, we will gather for this year's sunset event, The Sunset Swing, to be held on the old Pier 1, now a well-seasoned bit of the park. All the way down at Pier 6, we have new playground equipment and curving walkways full of gorgeous flowers about to debut. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is far from complete, but on both sides of the river, we can see that this park is a reality, and that it will be a lasting tribute to counter the cruelty of the tragedy of 9/11.
The Traveler.

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